Overcome your anxiety with hypnosis and meditation course.

If you struggle with high levels of anxiety and panic then this is the perfect course for you!

Using hypnosis is incredibly beneficial for transforming your anxiety as it speaks directly to your subconscious brain, allowing your conscious brain to relax and recognise you're not actually under any threat.

If you are experiencing panic attacks, rapid breathing, fast heart beat, palpitations, headaches, dry mouth, shakiness, dizziness, confused thinking, tummy upset and a tight chest then this course will also instantly calm your physical symptoms.

Let me show you the POWER of hypnosis and meditation.

Take the RIGHT steps.

The PROVEN steps towards overcoming your anxiety.

8 Hypnosis Audio's

You will get access to my 8-part audio program where I will personally talk you through my curated Hypnosis audio's that I use in my private therapy practice.

Value: £480.00

4 Meditation Audio's

You will get access to 4 meditation audios which I have personally curated for you.

Value: £120.00

1 Workbook Guide

You will also receive my amazing workbook which guides you to fully understand what anxiety is, why it happens and why it feels like it does.

Value: £25.00

Course value £625.00

The full value of this course if you saw me in person is £625.00.

Buy now online for £29.00 plus tax.

About Clare

Clare Tighe is the founder of Therapy Coach and Director or Relationships Advice. Clare is a Psychotherapist, Transformational Coach and NLP Practioner. Therapy Coach is a network of over 1800 women, Clare set it up after feeling isolated during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 and identified a need to reach out and support so many other women experiencing the same isolation and anxiety. Clare is now utterly passionate about helping to inspire and empower overwhelmed, stressed and anxious women who feel stuck to thrive in tough times, so that they can live a happier and fulfilled life ❤️